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Learn how to make a beautiful baby diaper bouquet.
- Jan 09, 2019 -

Let's Learn how to make a beautiful baby diaper bouquet.


Have you learnt that?


1. Lamination breathable fabric at the end of film to exclude hot air moisture.

2. Powerful lock water, 5 second quick absorption.

3. Cotton soft surface to increase the air space to protect the baby's skin from moisture intrusion.

4. Curved magic buckle, smooth surface, repeated adhesion, adjust the elastic as casual.

5.5 lock of wicking layer,5 second quick absorption.

6.selected raw material&QC to ensure the quality standard.

7.3D breathable hole, fast exhale muggy air to reduce red buttock.

8.0.3cm slight layer,cool base film, keep the baby more comfortable.

9.Using skin-friendly material to keep babies from allergy and hurt.


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