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TOPONE kill cockroach manual--- TOPONE knowledge
- Dec 13, 2017 -

Many friends know a lot of ways to kill cockroaches.These friends also use the method they know.But the cockroach is still.How to effectively kill cockroaches it?

Physical Prevention

The so-called physical control, simply means that by means of physical means to prevent the spread of cockroaches.Reduce the pollution of the environment.

Detection of blocking


This is the most basic operation because many times you kill cockroaches in the area.But you still find traces of cockroaches afterwards.That is because you did not do a good job blocking the outside world.Resulting in a second invasion.


Heat kill


Use more than 60 °C of boiling water or steam to kill cockroaches.




Cut the onion into slices on the plate, place cockroaches frequented, stimulating taste will make the cockroaches reduce.




Orange, lemon peel dried or dried.Placed in various cabinets.Not only the role of fragrance agent.But also play a certain anti-cockroach effect.




In areas where cockroaches occur frequently.Apply some soap or water on the surface or wall as the fat in the cockroach's abdomen dissolves upon contact with soapy water. This method is suitable for the kind of home cockroach pests have been more serious situation.


Use drugs to kill cockroaches

The use of drugs to kill cockroaches is more effective method of killing cockroaches.The following recommended a few samples of drugs that can effectively kill cockroaches.

Kill cockroach gel


Kill cockroach paste


Cockroach bait



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