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What brand of baby diaper is good?
- Jan 13, 2018 -



No.1: The size must be consistent with the baby's body shape. Diaper size can be divided into newborn, small, medium, large, large and other five species. Parents must pay attention to whether the baby's body shape.Especially the tightness of the legs and waist can not be tightened.Otherwise it will hurt the baby's skin. Remind Mommy that the diaper size sometimes not exactly the same.And may vary with different manufacturers brands. So parents may wish to refer to the number marked on the outside of the package.

Baby diaper

No.2:Leak proof design to prevent the baby from exuding urine. When a lot of baby urine.Even just changed the diaper.Urine may also leak out from both sides. In this way, not only dirty baby's underwear.Baby will be because of uncomfortable crying. Leak-proof design of the diaper that is raised inside the thigh ruffles and waist frills. When the baby is too much urine can effectively prevent leakage.

Baby diaper

No.3: Glue function is better. When using the adhesive to be able to close the diaper.And after the untied diaper can still paste.Even if the baby jumped.It will not loosen or fall off.

Baby diaper


No.1:Diapers should be soft.Does not cause allergies.Including skin care ingredients. As the baby's skin is very thin, the thickness of only one-tenth of the adult skin.Especially the cuticle is very thin.Dermal collagen fibers are less. So the lack of flexibility.Easily damaged by friction.Combined with immunity The function of the system has not developed well.The resistance is weak.Therefore, contact with infant skin diapers surface must be soft and comfortable.Including stretching waist, paste tape must also be taken into account. Which does not contain irritating ingredients. It will not cause frictional irritation to infants, and will not cause skin allergies. 

Baby diaper

No.2: Diapers have super absorbent. The baby's metabolism is very active. Especially water metabolism. Combined with the bladder and small.So many times a day to urinate and the younger.The more the number of urine.If care is not timely, the baby buttocks often in a damp state.

Baby diaper

No.3: Choose breathable diapers.As the baby's sweat pores sweat pores only adults 1/2 large or even smaller. Although the skin area is much smaller than adults. But the amount of perspiration and adults are almost the same.

Baby diaper

So, now you know what brand of diaper to choose from is good for your baby.

Baby diaper

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