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Topone Brand 300ml household product insecticide aerosol spray

Topone Brand 300ml household product insecticide aerosol spray

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Product Details

Topone Brand 300ml household product insecticide aerosol spray

Product Introduction


Kills flies & mosquitoes


No lingering odor



1.Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

2.Do not piece or burn even after use.

3.Do not spray on naked flame or any incandescent material.

4.Do not spray directly onto food(tool) ,human body,pets .

Using directions

1: Closed all the doors and windows before spraying.

2: Easy operation, gently shake well before using. 

3: Hold the can body and spraying 7-8 seconds.

4: After 10-20 minuts, open the door and the window to ventilate.

5: Wash your hands after using it.


1: Don't spray on people, pets, especially no spraying on face, eyes and injuries.

2: Keep out of reach of Children. 

3: No dropping to fire, away from sunshine, heat source and inflammable materials, explosive materials.

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Product Specification

Product name
TOPONE brand insecticide spray



Delivery Detail


Brand Name



Home,office, club, toilet,etc.

Packaging Details


Product Details






Product Packing and Shipping



1.What are the harmful pests?

-- Promptly killing flies,mosquitoes,cockroaches and ants etc.

2. Can I spray no matter wherever?

-- Of course.The place insect settled.

3. Is there any poison?

-- Contains micro-toxic.But we are all environmentally friendly materials within the safe range of the human body will not hurt.

4. What are the specifications?

--There are 300ML/400ML/600ML/750ML. And we can also do OEM.

5. How many meters can be sprayed?

-- About 1 meter away from the distance.

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