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Carnival New Year.Are You Ready?---TOPONE NEWS
- Dec 29, 2017 -

We are going to say goodbye to us in 2017. The brand new 2018 is coming. Although there are many different cultures and festivals in the world.Although all over the world have the habit of New Year, but the way is different. What are the interesting New Year's Eve customs around the world?


At zero, extend your right foot to start the new year.And right means "good"!



On the New Year's Day, the Pakistani people ran out of the house with their red pinks and met their relatives and friends. After passing the new joy. They painted the red powder on each other's forehead to show their good fortune for the New Year.




Jumping across the waves brings good luck seven times. Each one represents one day of the week!




In New Year's Eve to eat a spoonful of lentils.The next year you can earn a lot of money.



Make a rag doll or scarecrow to burn off.And represents the last year to burn off. Greet the new year.



El Salvador

On New Year's Eve, make an egg in a glassware and put it on the ledge overnight. The next day what the eggs have become.Which means that you may have the New Year's harvest.



At zero, take a penny of 12 pence out of your own door and face the street.Then throw the coin behind you. This indicates that the New Year will make big money.




Most people gathered in the square countdown to New Year!



And then,do you want to send a good New Year gift yet?

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