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How Much Do You Know about DEET?

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        According to research, DEET is the most effective substance for repelling mosquitoes. So now there are various mosquito repellent products added with mosquito repellent on the market. But there are also many news reports that it is not suitable for everyone to use. Is this really the case? How much do you know about DEET?

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Origin of DEET

        DEET was invented by the US military during World War II. The military began using it in 1946 and began civilian use in 1957. Since its promotion in the US market in 1957, over 40 years of research by more than 20000 research units have proven that DEET is currently the safest and most effective broad-spectrum mosquito repellent on the market. The World Health Organization also recommends using repellent products containing mosquito repellent to prevent the invasion of vector insects.


Working principle of DEET

        DEET is volatile and works by blocking the receptors of insect olfaction. Applying a repellent containing Deet to the skin, Deet forms a vapor barrier by volatilizing around the skin, which interferes with the chemical sensors of mosquito antennae in sensing surface volatiles on the human body. This helps people avoid mosquito bites.


DEET: Effective and Safe

        DEET has a good safety record, although some people are concerned. Perhaps it is because its acronym reminds people of the dangerous and now banned insecticide DDT. But they are not at all similar.

        In 1998, scientists conducted a reassessment of DEET and found that using it according to product instructions was very safe. Labels often remind you to use DEET only once a day on exposed skin and clothing, rather than inside. In clothing, it is more easily absorbed by the skin and may cause skin irritation. DEET can also irritate the eyes.

        Children can also use mosquito repellent, which is safe for them. Research has shown that products containing DEET are suitable for children aged two months and above, and the maximum concentration of DEET in children's mosquito repellents does not exceed 30%. It is not recommended for children under 2 months to use mosquito repellents.

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        The above statement surface that DEET is not as unsafe as we imagine, on the contrary, it is the most effective and safe substance in mosquito repellents nowadays. So when we use products containing DEET, we should use them correctly according to the product label and instructions to ensure that we use them safely!

Home » Knowledge » About The Other Knowledge » How Much Do You Know about DEET?


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