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Guangzhou Topone Chemical Co.,Ltd established in 2006, Guangzhou Topone Chemical Co.,Ltd is located in a great city, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.Adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Guangzhou enjoys the advantage in developing the economy with its high technology and convenient access to the entire world.
  • Natural Home and indoor Use Sandalwood Scented Black Mosquito Control Coils
    Natural home and indoor use sandalwood scented black mosquito control coils Product Introduction Black mosquito control coils are anti-mosquito products used in health.The products are made up high-grade raw material adopting international recent technology and employing advanced spray-paint...
  • TOPONE Powerful indoor Mosquito Control Killer Spray
    Topone powerful indoor mosquito control killer spray Product Introduction Topone Insecticide was produced by the advanced technology.Good smell,no contamination and harmless to human beings and animals;killing insect;mosquito,fly,cockroach instantly,etc.It is suitable to use for the...
  • Killer Mosquito Stick Incense
    Sandalwood originated in India,It is widely used in Buddhist Temples
  • Natural Paper indoor Use Mosquito Killer Repellent Coil
    Natural Paper Indoor Use Mosquito Killer Repellent Coil Product Introduction TOPONE Paper Mosquito Coil is made from plant fiber and super quality carbon,and compared with the traditional coils,so it boasts four extraordinary features: Non-broken, due to the peculiarity of firmness of the plant...
  • TOPONE Pooerful Large Outdoor Roach Killer Bait
    Topone powerful large outdoor roach killer bait Product Introduction l Environmental protection, kill roaches scientifically :use natural food which is contemporary with roaches and irresistible to roaches to make the bait ,can attract all kinds of roaches around the world .Pesticide free. l...
  • TOPONE Rat and Mouse Glue Trap Bait
    Topone Rat and Mouse Glue Trap Bait Product Introduction Topone rat and mouse glue trap bait is an ideal choice for controlling rats and mouses within kitchens, rooms and gardens. The features are shown as below: 1.Strong scented adhesive 2.Crease free ,free to fold 3.Environmentally safe...

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Guangzhou Topone Chemical Co.,Ltd EEstablished in 2006, Guangzhou Topone Chemical Co.,Ltd is located in a great city, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.Adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Guangzhou enjoys the advantage in developing the economy with its high technology and convenient access to the entire world.

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Effective Measures Against Mosquitoes

Mosquito, the most common among countless pests. So humans have also taken various measures against them. The most common and effective measures are the following, which can solve them at the root and prevent them from harassing us later on.Measure Use mosquito repellent: Select a mos

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When there are more and more mice, mouse glue traps are a very effective method of catching mice. It is not only non-toxic and odorless, but once mice are stuck in glue traps, they are almost impossible to break free on their own. But some people feel that dying on a mouse glue traps

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Rodents can multiply quickly and don’t usually travel alone. Follow these tips to get mice out of your house at the first sign.Mice: A Big Problem in a Pint-Sized PackageYou see a shadow move from out of the corner of your eye. Then, you start noticing droppings along your baseboards, in the pantry,


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Electric Mosquito Killer Mat is the perfect way to keep your home safely pest free. Not only will it keep your home pest free, but it is extremely easy to use, too.This electrocuting mat uses powerful, insect-attracting ultraviolet light to lure mosquitoes, and then electrocutes them on contact. It



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