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Guangzhou Topone Chemical Co.,Ltd established in 2006, Guangzhou Topone Chemical Co.,Ltd is located in a great city, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.Adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Guangzhou enjoys the advantage in developing the economy with its high technology and convenient access to the entire world.
  • Repel Mosquito Coil Killer
    This Mosquito Coil is made of plant fiber and super quality carbon,Eco-friendly,Safety,Natural raw material,It can wipe out the mosquito and other flying insects.
  • Killer Mosquito Stick Incense
    Sandalwood originated in India,It is widely used in Buddhist Temples
  • Natural Mosquito Repellent Mat
    TOPONE Mosquito Repellent Mat,Repellency lasts a maximum of 12 hours.Poisonless and smokeless.Fall asleep safety.Convenient and clean
  • Cockroach Baits Insecticide
    It is the professional product to kill cockroaches, against the cockroach resistance, then developed the formula of cockroach killing bait , contains the cockroach pheromones, luring is strong, palatability is good, cockoraches enjoy feeding. A cockroach is poisoned can cause serial poisoning deaths among cockroaches. Suitable for home, restaurants, hotels, food processing factory and rural farms and other places, after the medicine is dried, proper amount of water is added to damp the medicine, the efficacy can be extended.
  • Cockroach Killing Baits
    Eco-friendly,Natural Cockroach Baits,Built-in cockroach bait,Baby is not easy to contact.Long term efficacy.Global Topone brand,Enter every family.
  • Evolution Cockroach Gel
    24 hours safe guard for,green,reliability,lasting,eco-friendly.Professional insect repellent,Use Topone Cockroach Gel.