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Home » Knowledge » About The Rat & Mouse Glue Trap Knowledge » Is Killing Mice with Mouse Glue Trap Inhumane?

Is Killing Mice with Mouse Glue Trap Inhumane?

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        When there are more and more mice, mouse glue traps are a very effective method of catching mice. It is not only non-toxic and odorless, but once mice are stuck in glue traps, they are almost impossible to break free on their own.

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        But some people feel that dying on a mouse glue traps is very painful. The simplicity of glue traps is also their disadvantage, as the glue used on rat glue traps is non-toxic, but it can indeed cause pain and may lead to slow death. When mice are glued on, they will escape through self rescue methods.

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        For example, crazily breaking free from the glue to the point where some inferior glue boards cannot stick to them, and a more extreme escape method is for the mouse to bite through its stuck body parts and then run away. When some mice are stuck to the glue clip, they will panic. This panic may lead to a heart attack and then death in mice. When a mouse's nostrils are stuck with glue, it will also suffocate and die. So the least likely thing for a mouse to die on a rubber trap is to starve to death in a few days.

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        So when we discover that mouse glue catches mice, we need to deal with them as soon as possible. This not only reduces their pain but also reduces the danger pheromones that mice bring to their peers, which is beneficial for the next time we catch mice. If you already know where the mouse is running around, try placing the glue trap in a narrow space that the mouse cannot avoid. Mice rarely deviate from their usual route, so this is an effective way to capture them.

Home » Knowledge » About The Rat & Mouse Glue Trap Knowledge » Is Killing Mice with Mouse Glue Trap Inhumane?


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