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Rodents can multiply quickly and don’t usually travel alone. Follow these tips to get mice out of your house at the first sign.

Mice: A Big Problem in a Pint-Sized Package

You see a shadow move from out of the corner of your eye. Then, you start noticing droppings along your baseboards, in the pantry, and maybe even on the kitchen countertops. You might as well face it: You have a mouse in the house—and probably more than one! Once you get over the "yuck" factor, there are some simple, no-nonsense steps you can take to get rid of mice in the house.

Quick Guide to Getting Rid of Mice in the House

Choose the type of mouse trap or bait station that best fits your needs.

Put mouse traps or bait stations in places where you see mouse droppings or other signs of activity.

Store food in sealed containers and don’t leave crumbs lying around.

Don’t leave out bowls of pet food.

Seal up all cracks and openings that lead outside.

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How to Get Rid of Mice: The Details

Use Mice Behavior Against Them

Mice are creatures of habit—they like to take the same path to and from their nests. They're also very curious, so they'll check out any new thing along the way. Those two behaviors will help you control your mice problem. Put your traps or bait stations in several places where you see mouse poop. If you don't catch a mouse within two days, move the trap or bait station to another spot.

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Home » Knowledge » About The Rat & Mouse Glue Trap Knowledge » HOW TO GET RID OF MICE IN YOUR HOME


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